Kneading Real Beauty

Can you add something beautiful to today?

Life is really about this- adding real beauty. Can you mix it in your muffins, or touch it in the sick? I splash it in the pots and pans I wash.

Can you see it in the techno world we live in? Or knead it into bread?

Real beauty is a life filled with grace. It’s impossible without getting out of ourselves and encountering real Love, God Himself. When we see real beauty we know that is it Truth.  It sometimes corresponds to what it pleasing in appearance, but when developed transcends appearances– to pure gift.

The one who gives is most beautiful….the one who loves.

At times the seeing comes easy.

I receive it in the Host held high at Holy Mass. He gave it first. Beauty beyond appearances, offered on a cross.

I watch my son and his dog from the kitchen window, frolicking in the snow. True gift from God – real beauty.

I witness the man rising in cold darkness to work, to provide for this family – real beauty.

I answer the call of a friend who is in need of consolation and time – real beauty.

Sometimes the look must go deeper.

Can you drive it through unknown back roads….even when it’s dark?

Can you place your unfelt beauty in the eyes of Him who says you are when you look in the mirror each day? Can you know your beauty in your contrite heart as you ask mercy of those you’ve hurt?

Can you pray it out in silence as you finger the beads– trying to sort out confusion as to where real beauty lies? Our Lady, from whom all beauty radiates, knows how to lead us to it.

I say no to  things in life that might feel good at the time– in order to say yes like she did –real beauty.

What can you add to change the canvas of your days, of your life?  Every day is an artist’s delight awaiting your contribution to real beauty.

Do you have a lover’s pen? A word of love? A song to sing?

Receive real beauty as it is offered in life and then find out where real beauty is missing.

Knead it, and watch it rise!


Who Am I?

“And a great sign appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars” (Revelation 12:1)

We have a reason hope in this life. A reason to hope because of who we are.

The world speaks:

You are….your Irish and German heritage, what you look like,  and  your social status in life.

You are…your talents, your gifts, your intellect and personality traits.

You are….who you are related to….wife, and mother, daughter, and friend.

You are….what you have achieved in this life….your title, vocation, and job.

My response: “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.”

Therein lies the key to the hope.

In prayer to the One who made us, the One who redeems us, comes precious new revelation. And He’ll speak with authority if I listen.

It is the power of His love that makes me, me.

Somehow the world and its definitions… matter so little right now.

My faith is in His Word about me.

“Faith is…a ray from the Divine Face.” (Fr. Jean Baptiste Saint-Jure, SJ)

And that Face is gazing on me! Receiving that gaze creates a heart-longing…to respond as one madly in love.  And what becomes more important now is… knowledge of myself in His eyes.

What matters most is that I am His.

A woman is clothed with the sun. We can don the brilliance of a bride!

God in His mystery redefines anyone who is open to His  great signs and wonders appearing in their lives. And each ray of His gaze is unique and unrepeatable – meant solely for that person alone.

Imagine His brilliance in containing all the rays of His creation in the human person!  Imagine all the ways they have responded in faith!  It is the communion of saints.  I long to be one with in them.

This is life in the body, life on this earth. We are meant to be clothed with the sun, under the ray of His Divine Face.

It is rich in the experiences of humble prayer and sacrament, radiant with joy in the love of others.

We belong and we hope. Created and redeemed. And we see how great He has made us!