This Sunday is Mother’s Day.  It celebrates the beautiful call for all women.

What exactly does it mean to mother?  Is it indeed for all women?

My questions about women and all that concerns them find their answer in Mary, the Mother of God.  I look to her because she was without sin, and because she was given the gift of receiving into her heart and into her womb, God Himself.

 Mary must know best about womanhood and femininity.

Mary creates a space within herself for God.  Interestingly, God gave her the space in which to do just that!  So she recognizes all that the Lord has done for her, and she decides to magnify Him by receiving those gifts.  In the gifts of being made a woman and of her femininity, her very body was made with a place for the Savior to live, to grow and then to be born.

The Holy Trinity dwells in her heart. In a relationship of love, the Father is constantly loving the Son, the Son is loving the Father back, and the love between them, the Holy Spirit, is constantly proceeding!

 Therefore her heart is full of places to ponder the ways that God has blessed her.  She reflects on and responds to these blessings with a love beyond all telling.  A love that decides to trust this Love and fully abandon herself to God’s Will for her and for her life.

She lets God dream for her.  She let go of her plans, says yes, and allows God to show her what He can do.

I have been a mother for almost 28 years in the physical sense, but being created a woman means I was prepared from the beginning of time in the mind of God to “create spaces for others, so they could live.”

In each of these ways, I consider myself a work in progress.  I certainly conceived and gave birth to five beautiful children, but I have spent my entire life becoming a mother.  God has used His creative genius to form me into ‘mother” over the entire span of my lifetime.

So, I believe you don’t become a mother only by conceiving and giving birth physically, but also and perhaps more entirely, by learning and growing into the role of one who can “create space for the other.”

Moms can make room their hearts for the ones they love.  That’s easy. But can I make room in my heart for the one who has hurt me?

Moms often feel it is our role to continue to teach and to guide, and indeed this is an important aspect of mothering at times.  But can I listen and give another the chance to speak?

Emotions can cause us to want to react right away. Can I step back and ponder a situation and how to respond most lovingly?  Can I affirm the good in another even when I disagree?

In all these ways and more, I am opening myself up to the other.  I am mothering, creating space for them to be who they are.

Can I, like Mary, see the other as God sees them?

“Woman, behold your son.”

Mary was given to me as Mother and model for mothering for all times. Her heart is full of places for us to dwell and to receive love. We are all welcome in the pure space of her Immaculate Heart.  We are all formed in her womb into other Christs.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mary!

Happy Mother’s Day to all women!