Await the Adoption

“All creation is groaning in labor pains even until now… and we groan within ourselves as we wait for the adoption- the redemption of our bodies.” Romans 8: 22-23

What does it mean to wait for adoption?

The child in the orphanage, the child in the abusive home, waits to be freed from the hunger, the thirst, the blows. Abandoned, rejected in body and soul, this child cries out, groans on her bed at night, and in her littleness and innocence knows not how to effect any change or receive what she needs.

She must rely on One who knows justice and mercy. Someone who can say, “This must end! This child deserves her dignity! She must be treated with love and her little physical needs must be taken care of.

We are these children!

Suffering from the abuse of neglectful parents, Adam and Eve, we all have been subjected to the abuses of the culture of death.  Familial sin has generated down through our family tree. Wounds go deep, scars are left, or open and raw, we muddle through life, unhealed.

We groan as we await adoption.

Who will love us as we should be loved? Who will treat our bodies with the dignity they deserve in this pornographic culture? Who will redeem these bodies?

We know a Son, who never lost his Sonship or His Father. He never experienced being orphan…. until He chose it.

This Son also cried out in His utter desolation, “Father, Father why have you abandoned me?” Why have you left me to groan?…. to be humiliated. rejected, whipped, pierced, nailed? You have left me to die carrying the weight of all sins.

His Father is silent . He allows this death. But  in the silent, empty moment, in Truth, He has never abandoned, but has allowed it for a greater glory.

Jesus Christ felt our need for adoption. He understood fully our feelings of being estranged from any parental love.

He took on the wounds of all generational sin and of all abandonment from loving family.

His cry of abandonment from the orphanage of the cross was our cry.

 His one utterance and groan contained each and every one of ours from the beginning of time, through the present moment and forever into the future of man.  “Father, Father, why?

Stay with Him in your time of abandonment. Stay with Him in this guttural cry for mercy, for freedom from wounds of sin and pain… from orphan abandonment.

The groaning will be redeemed. The Father will adopt us.

And having this Brother show us the way out. guiding us by living, resurrected, pierced Hand He will introduce us to our Mother who will sweep us up into her arms, nurse us with  her grace, kiss our wounds, and sing us lullabies. And  He will grant us the gift of a multitude of saintly and loving brothers and sisters.

Await the adoption!


When God Questions



When God Questions

by Cynthia Costello



God is asking questions.

I have become very aware of it in my daily Scripture readings.  And I began to wonder why  God is asking questions.  As if He doesn’t already know the very  mind and heart  of us! So what might be His purpose in proposing one?

That might be the answer right there!

He is proposing.  Proposing His love.  Proposing a new relationship with Him.

Proposing I go deeper.  Proposing I might not know myself as well as I thought I did.

It was the way the great philosophers learned.  They proposed questions.

 It was in the asking they found answers.

 And God does it with me, to show me things I did not know I needed to know.

The very first question found in Scripture is “Where are you?” (Genesis 3:9)  God is searching for me.  He does in fact already know exactly where I am…but I am hiding, and this too He knows….and He is looking for His little stray sheep.

Another one that convicts me:  “Who do you say that I am?” ( Matthew 16:15) I shift nervously in my thoughts.  Ah well, you are….you are….. I respond with some intellectual definitions.  No, no, He says, who does your heart say that I am?  Who am I to you? What difference do I make in your life?  the way you think, speak, and love?  We come face to face with Christ on this one….we see His eyes searching ours which are downcast…I wish I could be more sure of my answer.

“Who touched my clothes?”  (Mark 5:30) I imagine I am in the crowd. We are all pushing and shoving to get closer to Him and to hear what He is saying.  Then,  I see Jesus visibly change as He experiences the power go out of Him. He’s spinning around to ask His question.  To all of us, He asks.  Like a teacher trying to discern who acted when his back was turned.  But in reality, He knows.  And He is calling her out to lift her up as an example of her faith!

And in the same passage, Jesus asks twice “How long?” Mark 9:19 ….. How long will I endure you?  And to the father in Mark 9:21, “How long has this been happening?” Searching again my heart, He’s proposing I examine my faith.  A child has been sick for so long…. a situation has been unchanged, for so long!  Have I not yet believed?  The proposition leads me deeper, “Heal me Lord of my unbelief!”

Lastly, “Do you love me?” ( John 21:15)   He is down on one knee. “Will you marry me?” He proposes His love and asks for mine. Invitation. Proposition.     I kneel down on two knees.  Where else is there to go with God?  Worship.  Love. Prayerfully, I accept. And the questioning becomes the answer.