Ocean Water: God’s Tears

The last days of summer are here. Seems we fill them with last chances.  Last chance trips to the beach- sun and waves. Last chance to explore foreign places and stay out late with friends.  We are determined not to succumb to the end of summer’s fun just yet.

The nights might cool the waters, but the day’s heat finds us venturing out to stand knee deep in the sea. Stalling for time does not stop nature’s rhythms.  The constant crash of each wave causes our body to falter and because of the pull of the undercurrent beneath us, we’re off balance.

Still, something calls us out  further to depth and unknowns. Something repels and attracts just the same.

 Eventually decisions are made and head and heart take the plunge under.  We rise, salt watery taste in our mouth. Waves continue their ebb and flow and the certainty of shore seems a long way away. But we’re floating effortlessly now.

Our oneness with ocean waters sets us free.

The journey to reconciliation can be like that.

Hurt finds us searching for relief and we enter into ideas of forgiveness. We stall for time because the plunge is too scary, too cold. The pride in our head battles with the cry of our hearts and both make excuses to approach mercy. We are battered by waves-  that ask for us whole…to go under the pain, but the love.  Somehow they are mysteriously the same.  The safety of land, the shore of self -certainty and self- reliance, goes farther and farther away.

Somehow our wounds are all here and we taste tears-an ocean of tears shed by us.

  But what we didn’t know was that these are also the tears the Father cried when we separated ourselves from His love and chose wasting time in foreign lands.

Vast too is the ocean of tears the Son wept through betrayal and spilled blood on the cross.

  We are reconciling with God, and we taste tears, and decide to immerse ourselves in them.

St Faustina called God’s mercy an ocean.

When we come to Him with humbled and contrite hearts, we plunge into our misery not alone but with Him. There is not a pain that He has not experienced in His body-

He suffers with us and even in us.

 We are loved and we are not alone.  Yes, these are our sins, but He has cried our tears.

And with absolution the Father forgives by the blood and tears of His Son, as the Spirit washes us clean.

We swim in this ocean of mercy and we’re free.

Uniting ours tears to His we are free.

Let’s not wait for last chances, or hanging out on foreign shores on our own .

  Let’s swim in the freedom of this ocean of God’s tears.


Celebrating Nineteen Years

This Friday, I celebrate the great gift of 19 years of Total Consecration to Mary. Unfit as I am, I will keep entrusting myself to this beautiful Mother, and pray for the graces God gives through it. To Jesus, through Mary!

A beautiful video about this St Louis de Montfort Consecration to Mary: