Believe It or Not….My Choice!

God does not want to lose me. He wants to raise me on the last day.  

Today I choose.

 Will it be Him and His grace?  Or not?

He leaves me with a hope that “does not disappoint”.  This must be sufficient- He says it is.

I will believe.  I will believe like Mary did.  

Is this belief easy to come by?  NO!

This is a belief that stares in the face of horrible things… with courage!   And still believes!  This belief accepts the contradiction of feelings vs. truth-as-a-purification-and-healing.

This is what Mary shows us:  something more lies beyond what we see.

  Something beautiful is yet to unfold.  God mysteriously enters the mess that is life- the sins, the mistakes..

and this Presence within the mess is transforming it.

Believe like Mary did….

At Annuciationwith no clear sight of future things unfolding.

 She will believe! Hope!

See through condemning words that would stone her pregnant being.

In flight to Egypt, over fog covered roads lacking sleep.

She will believe! Hope!

 See through trails leading away from home and family and security

…see through  shrill cries of children being slain- sobs of mothers holding death.  Believe with Joseph, Joseph is strength.

Hearing Simeon’s words of swords,

She will believe! Hope!

See through unclear meanings of rise and of fall

as she gave Him away to this man with clear eyes, who seemed to know when those eyes met the Savior’s.  The Babe gave Simeon the message to hand on to His Mother, to prepare her for things yet to come.

Losing Him for three days…

She will believe!  Hope!

 See through crowed, crazy city streets, noisy voices, always questions.

 Have you seen Him?  There is more, He is here.  Answering questions, right there, in the Temple Father’s house.

And who could meet Him there on the Way,

and still believe?  Hope?

 See through blood and sweat, tears and grime covering His eyes.

 All that is in her wants to remove thorn- crown.  This is the fall, where will be rise?  Simeon has promised.

 See through to the promise.

This belief that can stare in the face of horrible things

and still believe, still hope.

 Stare in the face of  and see through crucified Body, flesh torn loved one, lanced pierced Heart.

 At the foot of the cross, equality not grasped, slave humbled and obedient until death.

See through hours of desolation and feelings of abandonment

to promises this would be the Son of the Most HIgh

who would save their people from their sins.  Angel’s voice is remembered, greeting from on High.

 She believed then, she’ll believe now.  She hoped then, she’ll hope now.

Never again would there be more belief and more hope than this moment!

Be like Mary!

Holding His dead body, hugging death, embracing Will.

She still believes and still hopes.  On the other side of the huge cold rock that seals Him off from the world, seals off His Heart from hers.  No!

She sees through rock…to resurrection!  She sees their hearts are still one!

He was sent so as not to lose anything, anything….that the Father gave Him.

Believe it or not?

Receive Him or not?

Hope or not?

See through or not?

Our choice.


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