A “Thanks Giving” Leper

The day of  giving thanks is upon us.

A day to stop and assess all the ways we are blessed.

A day to recognize how we could do better in practicing gratitude.

And if we are honest we realize that we are all a little spiritually leprous.

Though not physically in our first world countries, a different kind of leprosy prevails.

That of the interior man.

Foolish, disobedient and just plain deluded at times, we chase our false gods and idols,

and we allow ingratitude to poison our hearts….

making ourselves unclean.

We walk in the dis-ease of life.

This happened to the ten lepers in the Gospel.

“Unclean”, they found themselves living together, the outcasts of their time.

Will we cry out as they did?

“Lord, Master, have pity on me!” 

“Go, show yourself to the priests”.

(Possible translation: “Go receive my Mercy in confession, my friend!”)

“Lord, Master, I crave worldly attention and praise. I am misguided in my charity, having only selfish aims.

I consistently look not to serve but to be comforted.

I have walked in the muck of this world.

You have given me so much and I thank you so little. “

Then the richly poured out generosity and love of God appears,

And He turns heads and hearts in the direction He is walking.

I want to be….

the one…. of the ten.

Crying out and being healed, I can either take possession of the gift and run away clinging to it for myself alone.

Or I can run back to the Healer and fall at His feet, and glorify and thank Him.

If I fall at His feet and ask Him to have Mercy on me, He will take this leprous spirit and heal it.

He will integrate my will into His own perfect Will, so that even in afflictions I can thank Him for the great grace.

“Stand up, go, your faith has saved you.”

I might even remain leprous-looking to the world for His sake, but no matter.

He says I must stand.

He says I must go.

He says my faith will save me.

Even if I remain a leprous-looking fool to the world, I am clean in Him.

Let me glorify Him as He makes me clean.

Let me be the thanks giving leper.


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