Your Christmas Heart

Christmas Day has come and gone.

Hang the suits and velvet donned.

 Annual visits of relatives and friends.

Gifts to give and cards to send.

Carols sung. Traditions kept.

Return flights home. Tears are wept.

Christ the Lord is born.


Was this season for you made new?

Has the Christ been born in you?

Is His new flesh on your bones?

Incarnate heart in spoken tones?

A body now is Christ in you?

One flesh where before was two?

A holy union He has made

By stooping low, though unafraid

To humble Himself thus….

All the years can be the same,

Unless the Child of Bethlehem’s fame

Has truly found a manger home

Within your Christmas heart…..within your Christmas heart.




Advent: Ready the Way


Preparing the way, getting out of the way, walking the way.

Will we make a way for God this Advent?


How to prepare the way:  Empty it.

The way for God needs an empty stable.  The way for God is meant to be filled with God alone. He created us this way- with an emptiness only meant to be filled by Him.  So we empty the way to the manger in our hearts and then wait. Ouch. Still, quiet, empty waiting.  But lesser things don’t satisfy, and the choice remains our own.


How to get out of the way:  What?  The major obstacle is me?

 Yes, it came upon a midnight clear– clear of idols and gods, clear of my will and agenda, clear of distraction and haste, clear of noise and busyness.  Then the glorious song could be sung…the one the angels bent near to earth to sing.  When the world got solemnly still enough, He came.


How to walk in the way: “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it.'” Isaiah 30:21

His way is poor, and really quite revealing. He takes us down paths that we’d rather not go, ones that reveal to us how small of heart we can be. He comes in the most distressing disguises…yes, the ones that create discomfort in us.  St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross called it empathy:  not merely understanding the experiences of others, but in fact, taking them on as our own. Then Christ is present to us.  He is one with us.

 Come ready the way for Me.

 Come let your emptiness be filled with Me.

Come clear the path of idols that distract you.

Come walk with Me in empathy for the least of your brothers.

Blessed Advent.