Leaving Nets (Mark 1: 14-20)

Lord, you tell me to leave my nets behind.


….my old life of fishing for worldly honor and material things.

 You show me how heavy they are when wet with sin and self.

 You remind me how they ensnare, trap, tangle, and bind me.

 They smell as rope rots.

And still I’ll try to mend them for reuse.

Your call to me takes my eyes off the nets and on to You!  

“Come after Me, I will make you….different, new…I’ll make you see your new mission.”

 So instead of me focusing on what wrong I have done – my old life of nets and striving-

my own will …

 you refocus my attention on Your Will

…the new path….

I am intrigued by all you offer even though I have no clue where you will take me.

Something in me ( for I was made for You) longs to follow and obey no matter what.

Something tells me I will find out who I am.

 I can even leave family members who I love (” they left their father Zebedee”)

and all that was secure ( “hired men” and the “mending”)

to follow You, to be your student disciple.

 The only thing that matters now and that is real, is what You think about me.

    I must know You as a Person, have encounters with You….not just know your teachings.

And now “netless”, I can’t just follow you around.

We must meet, talk, share, love.

 You have secrets for me, secrets to be whispered in silence- to be shared in close contact, sweet intimacy.

 As your disciple let me be eager for secret surprises

….things You will share about Yourself, about me, about our journey together. Amen.