Will You Be Mine? A TOB Perspective

Seems like a harmless question.  We’ve heard it year after year on Valentine’s Day.  It’s been stamped on those little candy hearts, and stamped in our first memories of trading Valentine cards with the cartoon or movie characters on them.

As we age, things tend to take on deeper meaning if we are the pondering type.

That’s me- on both counts-  the aging and the pondering.

In our culture today the question can conjure up feelings of possessiveness and stalking.  What do you mean

“Will you be mine?”  I don’t belong to anyone.  Or do I?

Years of studying the Theology of the Body has shifted my perspective a bit.  The fact is I do belong to Someone.

“Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you have been purchased at a price. Therefore, glorify God in your body.  (1 Cor 6: 18-20)

What is it about this word belonging that scares us so?  It so “smacks” of commitment, and some sort of lack of freedom.

We buy things that belong to us, but people don’t belong to people….or do they?

 Before we crush those candy hearts, lets take a look at how sweet they might be.

Perhaps there’s a misguided understanding of real love.

 That kind of love that is freely given, says I am totally yours forever, and desires with all the heart to be faithful.

 The kind of love that wants to make more love abound in the world.

If I believe Scripture is the Word of God, that He is indeed speaking, then I need to meet this passage head on.

 I am not my own.

 I have been given the gift of life as a free gift from my Creator.  My body- gift holds within its very heart, the intense giving and receiving of love that is the Holy Trinity.

 If I am honest enough to acknowledge it, there’s literally a fire raging within me, that longs for one thing- union with God.

His Sacred Heart (not some sugar coated candy one) was stamped with a spear thrust so that I could have a way to enter and one with Him.

 I was purchased at this high and supernatural price.

Yep, I think I belong to Him.

 I can believe and receive that Truth, because the One that I belong to made me for Himself,

and only wants to possess me fully because He wants to embrace me in love.

 The least I can do is try to glorify Him in this body.

And the marked sign of that kind of love commitment here on earth is marriage.

 It has taken much time and prayer for me to get comfortable with it, but today, after almost 30 years of marriage,

I can say that I am wholly free in my belonging to my husband.

 His journey is mine, and mine his.  We hold each other’s lives in our hearts.  With all true love comes great responsibility, so neither of us takes this lightly.  Each day we begin again, pick ourselves up from the falls, and embrace again.

And interestingly enough, the trials that most test our love, only serve to increase the longing for belonging.

So, today, I’m alright with the question….and can answer with bold conviction.

Will you be mine?  YES!


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