Book Reviews

Faith Under Fire

by Matthew Archbold

Messages of hope are gifts from the Lord.  And when told in the form of a real life story, the impact is even greater.

Archbold writes as if he is sitting in  your living room, telling the kind of story that draws  people overhearing them, in from the other rooms.

This book is full of powerful stories of courage….stories that leave you with hope.  Reading through them gives the opportunity to see how these apply in one’s own life.  How have I been challenged to stay faithful?  How can I be a witness to Christ?

Most of us will not likely be asked to give to the extreme that most of these people have.  Our tasks are more ordinary, our encounters more subtle.  But more and more we are being confronted.  The line is being drawn in the sand.  Do I really believe what I say I do?  Does that really affect my speech and deeds?

From stories of war to stories of career challenges, the drama comes down to one thing- faith.

Looking for inspiration?  Looking to draw strength from others in the conviction of faith?

Pick up Faith Under Fire, and be moved to pick up your daily cross, and follow Jesus to the hope and joy of the Resurrection!