Theology of the Body

You’re invited!

You’ve wondered about those deep questions.  What exactly does it mean to be a human person?   At some of the most challenging and most profound moments of our lives, you may have asked-what’s the meaning of life? of love? of who we are? of why we are here?  And where am I going when it all comes to an end?

This is the gift that the Theology of the Body is to the world, and you’ve been invited to have those questions answered!

Written by St John Paul II, the Theology of the Body has given all people a truly deep and beautiful vision of what it means to be a human person.  Far from being just for Catholics, it offers an explanation and an understanding of the creation of the human body and our call to love one another- a call everyone hears deep within their hearts.

Our great Holy Father offers that we are created precisely by Love, by God,  and that the call to love others is best understood when we study Him. He draws from over 1000 Scripture verses to support this study, and in this way we find that God’s real love is  in being a gift of self to the other.

How do we live this out?   If single, we strive to will only the good of the other. We never use or objectify another for our own gratification.

In marriage, we serve our spouses and families by putting them first.  John Paul boldly teaches that in the intimate realm of sexual love,  the sexual relationship between a man and a woman “concerns the whole Bible” (TOB 69:8). It plunges us into “the perspective of the whole Gospel, of the whole teaching, even more, of the whole mission of Christ” (TOB 49:3). Spouses lay down their lives for the other.

And in the call to the priesthood and religious life,  men and women are a witness to the oneness with God that we are all destined for one day. Persons become spouses of Christ, and spend their lives offering love to His Church. 

And so we learn real love from the Master of Love, Jesus Christ and His mission.  And Christ’s mission, according to the spousal analogy of the Scriptures, is to be one with us, to “marry” us. He invites us to live with him in an eternal life-giving union of love.

Made by Love, and made for love, our destiny then is final union with Love.  Lastly in  John Paul’s Theology of the Body, he describes our hope for the resurrection of the body at the end of time.  We are made for this union, we all ache for it, and we are saved in the hope of it.

Through the Theology of the Body you are invited to understand who you are!

You’re invited to the love at the wedding banquet of the Lord!

Come and see!



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