Inviting St Joseph Into Your Home

We live with the Holy Family.

It was as simple as inviting them in.

Raised to believe in Jesus Christ, my prayers in early years were always directed to Him.  My Savior, my Redeemer, my Brother, and my Friend, He was with me in joy and so profoundly in troubled times.

It was Jesus who introduced me to His Mother.

 Interestingly, while I was experiencing the cross, and getting familiar with Jesus’ Presence there with me, it was then that He spoke to me from that cross, and told me to look right beside me.

 There stood His Mother.

 And she was to be my Mother too.

.  Not long after, I was consecrated to her, and through that consecration, so many things have changed.  All is hers now: graces and blessings, joys and sorrows.  There is nothing we don’t go through together.  I walk about my home and I know she is with me… carrying laundry, raising children, cooking meals, saying rosaries- I am talking to her all the time.

Lastly, came St Joseph.

 With a husband and three sons who all have middle names of Joseph, I am so sorry I have loved him so late.  I guess I am in good company with St Augustine who said about Jesus, “Late have I loved you.”

 As protector and guardian of the Church and the family, I came to realize the power of his intercession for us.

 As my husband and I struggled to raise boys into holy men, St Joseph has become our example.  Model of humility and obedience to God, his statue outside our home stands as a reminder of his strength in guarding us.  And I love that he most often received messages in dreams.

 A holy dreamer, he takes us all into his home, just as he did with Mary.

The Holy Family lives with us.  Our home is now complete.

 With their presence and love abounding, how can we fail to love each other?

 Thank you Jesus, Mary and St Joseph, for all that you have done for us!